We're building affordable
general-purpose robots

To free humanity from the drudgery of boring and repetitive tasks

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What's it like to own a Reflex Robot?

the world's first low-cost and reliable humanoid

One year ROI

Our robots are designed and built in-house. They cost 20x less than other humanoids in the market.
You'd pay a one-time hardware cost for the robots, and a monthly fee that's ~2x lower than your current labor cost.

Human in-the-loop

Our robots can be remotely controlled by human operators up to 3000 miles away. They intervene when necessary.
That lets us handle complex tasks that would cause fully autonomous systems to fail.

Our team has previously shipped production hardware at Boston Dynamics, Tesla, Oculus, and ASML

and we've raised $7M led by Khosla Ventures, alongside the co-founders of Dropbox and Cruise, to execute on our vision

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Just reliable workers, all day long

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